Laser Therapy For Perfect Skin

Use the Power of Light to Enhance Your Beauty

When you think of laser treatments, you might think the benefits are limited to painful hair removal. But with the right laser, you can get so much more. That’s why Neighborhood Wellness Clinic is proud to offer the advanced Threeforme™️ Laser to our valued patients. This IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy delivers skin rejuvenation that includes scar removal, blemish reduction, skin tightening, erasing of stretch marks, sun spot removal, and more!

What can the Threeforme™ IPL skin resurfacing laser do for you? The options are vast.

Revitalize Facial Skin:

  • Improve your skin’s appearance and vitality, without surgery or invasive procedures
  • Reduce the appearance of sun damage, age spots, and fine lines
  • Reduce the appearance of rosacea, scars, and veins

Remove Unwanted Hair:

  • Laser hair removal from any area of the body
  • A more powerful laser with less pain
  • Works safely and effectively on all skin tones

Smooth and Refine Your Body:

  • Reduce the appearance and texture of stretch marks
  • Remove or reduce the appearance of leg veins
  • Reduce or remove the appearance of scar tissue

What makes the Threeforme™ Laser so different from other laser devices?

IPL Skin resurfacing at Neighborhood Wellness ClinicIt’s an advanced combination of the most effective technology with comfort built in. It treats, refines, and reduces in just a few fast, easy treatments, depending on the desired result. It’s effective and efficient, thanks to the latest in laser technology.

But it’s also much less painful than other lasers because of the Advanced Cooling Contact feature. You’ll feel the difference during the treatment and after – it’s a much more tolerable process.

The Threeforme™ Laser also features the industry’s only melanin reader. The Skintel® Melanin Reader™ measures the skin’s melanin content at each treatment, determining the ideal settings for each patient. This helps to increase both the safety and effectiveness of treatments.

At Neighborhood Wellness Clinic, we want only the best for our patients – helping you look and feel your best is our number one priority. Schedule your consultation today and see what our advanced laser technology can do for you.

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